How long does it take to charge my EV?

By Noah Saldana on January 25, 2021

How long does it take to charge my EV?

This largely depends on how big your battery is and what type of charger you are using.

The smallest plug-in hybrid batteries have a range of about 11 miles per charge and the largest fully electric batteries can go 370 miles between charges.

A level 1 charger runs on 120V and charges 4-6 miles per hour.

A level 2 charger runs on 240V and charger 10-30 miles per hour.

A level 3 fast charger is usually used at public facilities such as rest areas and can charge 80 miles per hour.


For a Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid which can run 33 miles on its battery, you could fully charge the battery to with a level 1 charger in 5-6 hours. A level 2 charger can charge the same battery in 1 to 1.5 hours.

For a Tesla model 3 standard range which can go 250 miles on a charge, you could charge the battery to 80% with a level 2 charger in 6 hours or with a level 3 fast charger in 1 hour.

*Different cars and models and chargers have different charging capabilities also batteries charge in different ways and it can be faster to charge a battery from 40% to 80% than from 80% to 100%.