How much space will I need in my home?

The amount of space needed depends on how much storage you want and can afford to cover your needs while the grid is out. The chemistry also matters. Sealed lead acid batteries can take up more space and require a custom or pre-made cabinet. Lithium ion batteries are pre-wired and often come in a wall or floor-mounted enclosure or cabinet. Another important factor is where your critical loads sub-panel will be located. This is the electric panel that will contain all the circuits in your home that will be powered by the battery bank when the power is out.

Lead-acid battery cabinet.

Example of a sealed lead acid battery cabinet.

Lithium-ion battery enclosures.

Example of two lithium ion battery enclosures

In the picture above the cabinet on the left holds the batteries. The far right is the critical loads sub-panel that the batteries power in the event of a grid outage.


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