What features should my EV charger have?

By Noah Saldana on January 25, 2021

What features should my EV charger have?

It is important to talk to your electrician or installer about the type of EV that you have and also about the power capabilities of your home. All level 2 chargers run 240V electricity but some older EVs and older EV chargers (pre 2017) aren’t as powerful as newer models. Some chargers are hardwired directly into the house while others are connected to a 240V outlet and some are connected to your solar inverter.

Your EV charger should be compatible with your EV (Tesla vs. universal EV plug) and should have a long enough cord that it can reach your vehicle without creating a tripping hazard.

Length of warranty is an important factor for many buyers as well when purchasing a level 2 charger.


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