Why does SUN talk about EV charging?

By Noah Saldana on January 25, 2021

Why does SUN talk about EV charging?

For solar owners, the idea of fueling your car with homegrown energy is especially compelling. Depending on where you live and your electricity consumption, many solar owners choose to add solar systems to power their electric vehicles in addition to their houses.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are quickly becoming a more affordable and lower maintenance option than traditional gasoline-fueled cars.

America’s EV adoption rate is quickly rising as more affordable, long-range models are introduced to the market.

Market studies show that “roughly one-half of consumers who have solar or EV technology have both.” Similarly, consumers who are interested in one of these technologies are also interested in the other. Utility planners who forecast how much electricity to provide the grid (i.e. load) will need to consider these findings as technology adoption ramps up.

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