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Our solar co-ops organize 50 to 100 neighbors in a group to go solar together. People love this community approach.

As a member of Solar United Neighbors, you'll get

  • expert,
  • installer-neutral, and
  • unbiased
support through each stage of the solar process.

Co-op members take advantage of bulk-purchasing power to get competitive pricing and a quality installation.

Expert solar advice

Unlimited access to our team of solar experts by phone or email.

Bulk purchasing power

By joining together, members get the best combination of price and quality.

Private, moderated state-based listserv

Private moderated Facebook groups and email discussion groups.

Members-only content

Newsletters, checklists, legislative updates & other exclusive content.

"Practical Solar" ebooks

Access to all of our solar guides. Early access to new guides.

SREC fee discount

Save up to 50% on brokerage fees when selling your post-install SRECs.

Expert solar advice

One-on-one email and phone support from our Go Solar team for all your questions about going solar, including:

  • How much does going solar cost?
  • Is my home good for solar?
  • How can I pay for solar?
  • What if I face resistance from my HOA?
  • …and more!

Bulk purchasing power

With support from our team of vendor-neutral, unbiased solar experts, you'll go solar side-by-side with other interested members of your community.

By taking advantage of the combined buying of our members, the co-op can ensure the most competitive price and quality.

I could never have accomplished these goals without the aid of SUN and I tell everyone who is interested in my array about the importance of SUN’s role in the process.
— Mary L., Portage County Solar Co-op, Kent, OH
It’s much easier to compare proposals from installers with other people other than just doing it by yourself.
— Erik F., Allegheny County Solar Co-op, Pittsburgh, PA
By joining a co-op, you get the benefits of their expertise in how the process operates, in vetting potential solar installers, and in being the liaison between the homeowner and the contractor.
— Karen S., East Valley Solar Co-op, Tempe, AZ
Going solar with a group is rewarding and takes away some of the more difficult steps — and it builds an ever-growing solar community.
— Fred & Lorry W., Houston, TX

Private, moderated state-based listserv

Connect with other people who are going solar — or who have already gone solar — in our members-only state listserv.

Members-only content

You'll have access to our archive of members-only solar content, as well as new content that we're producing regularly:

  • Monthly newsletter on solar news
  • Checklists for going solar and making the most of your solar investment
  • Updates on laws and regulations that could affect your solar investment
  • National and local solar events
  • Consumer protection information
  • …and more!

"Practical Solar" ebooks

We've written 3 practical guides, and we plan to write more. You'll have access to these, and you'll have early access to our next ebooks.

SREC fee discount

Save up to 50% off brokerage fees when you sell your SRECs.

A Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) represents the "green" value of your electricity. You earn one SREC for every 1,000 kWh of electricity produced by a solar system.

SRECs are valuable because many utilities must buy a certain number of them each year to meet their sustainability requirements.

Once you go solar, you'll start generating SRECs, which you can sell through a licensed broker. Members who sell their SRECs through our partner, Sol Systems, get a discount on the brokerage fees.

Learn more about SRECs.