15 Solar Projects Would be Funded By the SEU

By Emily Steiver on August 26, 2011

In my previous blog post, I discussed the need for the new Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU) to step up to the plate in helping promote residential solar installations. It appears that the SEU is listening as they have launched a solar area on their website and have made some money available for those on the solar rebate waiting list.  See http://dcseu.com/programs/Solar.aspx for program details.

While funding 15 projects is not going to put the City on the fast track for continued growth in solar installations, it is a positive start.  We will continue to reach out to the SEU in hopes: a) that additional rebate funding can be made available in 2012 — possibly allowing the wait list to re-open; b) that the SEU and DDOE can devise a replacement program for the existing Renewable Energy Incentive Program starting in 2013; and c) that solar becomes a key part of the Mayor’s sustainability push.  More details are below regarding the status of the rebates and wait list….

1. 414 homeowners are in the queue for a DC solar rebate.  Waiting list is now closed.
2. 2011 funding for REIP from DDOE is gone, so the 414 will be considered for 2012 fiscal year rebates (at half the original level).
3. The SEU will fund about 15 projects at the top of the list of 414 in the next few weeks (at full rebate).
If you are in the top 15 of the waiting list, please monitor your email closely for information from the SEU.   At the old rebate levels, you will be getting a great deal that has almost an immediate payback.  You will have 6 months to complete the install.  If you want to know your place on the
waiting list, see http://rrc.dc.gov/green/lib/green/pdfs/REIP_Waitlist_Feb_8_2011.pdf

Questions regarding the 15 SEU funded projects should go to Damon at 202-479-2222, ext. 1022 or toll-free 855-MY-DCSEU (855-693-2738), ext.1022.