A social evening on solar

By SUN Admin on March 21, 2017

The Bowie Solar Co-op held a Social Mixer at the Old Bowie Town Grille last week. Over a few hours, with the buzz of the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament on TVs in the background, a lively group of solar homeowners and those interested in going solar got to know each other. Those with solar shared their knowledge on the topic and how it has worked for them. Folks interested or already part of the co-op asked questions on topics ranging from how solar attaches to your roof to curiosity about warranties and financing options.

“I really enjoyed seeing everyone get to know each other starting with their common interest in solar” observed Corey Ramsden, Program Director for MD SUN. “At one point I overheard two solar enthusiasts discover that they were part of the same garden club too.”

The Bowie Solar Co-op opened up in January of this year and recently selected Standard Energy Solutions to work with the group. Right now the 64 members of the group are scheduling appointments with their selected installer and receiving proposals that include the co-ops bulk discount.