Anti-solar Amendment 1 defeated

By Ben Delman on November 10, 2016

The results are in: Floridians want solar!

Voters rejected Amendment 1 by a nine-point margin. This shows we weren’t fooled by the tens of millions of dollars spent by utilities to stop us from going solar.

A broad coalition, from the League of Women Voters, to Tea Party groups, to labor unions, to environmental organizations, joined together to fight for our right to go solar. Together we sent a strong message to Florida policymakers and to the utilities: “hands off our solar!”

Today Florida’s solar future looks even brighter. Hundreds of folks from around the state have joined together to form solar co-ops. These groups are making it easier for people to save on going solar.

As we continue to grow solar in Florida we can be sure that our opponents will double their efforts to stop us. The election returns show that by working together we can build a community of solar supporters strong enough to withstand any challenge.