Barancik Foundation supports FL SUN to bring solar to the Sunshine State

By Ben Delman on September 9, 2016

Community Power Network (CPN) is pleased to announce the Charles and Margery Barancik Foundation will be supporting its work to develop solar co-ops across the Florida through CPN project FL SUN. FL SUN working in partnership with the League of Women Voters of Florida, is developing solar co-ops to make it easy for Floridians to save on solar.
“If you’ve thought about going solar, now is the time to do so,” Angela DeMonbreun, FL SUN Program Director said. “The Barancik Foundation’s support will help us build the market for solar across Florida.”

The solar co-ops bring together homeowners who are interested in solar. Co-op members work with local partners and FL SUN to learn about solar energy and if it is right for their home. Once the co-op is large enough, roughly 25 members, the co-op will issue a request for proposal from area installers.

The group then selects the best bid in an open and competitive process. The chosen installer then develops individualized proposals for each co-op member. Co-op members can save up to 20% off the purchase price for their system by going solar with the group.

FL SUN plans on developing six solar co-ops in Florida over the next year. Through this work, it hopes to help hundreds of Florida families go solar as well as educate thousands more about solar energy. The organization has launched two co-ops to date, the first in St. Petersburg and the second in Orange County.

“Florida ranks third in the nation for rooftop solar potential, but only 14th in actual solar installed.  FL SUN will help homeowners take better advantage of this abundant natural resource,” said Teri A Hansen, President|CEO of the Barancik Foundation.

CPN has worked across the country to help communities develop solar co-ops. It has helped more than 1,200 families go solar over the past three years. FL SUN is also receiving support from the Gulf Coast Community Foundation and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.