Be a solar model and help us determine solar’s value in Texas

By Ben Delman on April 15, 2019

One way to think about going solar is that it’s paying for 25 years of your electricity needs up front. That’s a big decision. Solar installers are able to model what your return will be based upon your roof, the climate where you live, and other variables effect your return on investment. But this only provides a high-level estimate about the potential value of a solar installation. This is particularly true in Texas where the market for rooftop solar is less mature. But you can help us fix that.

Solar United Neighbors wants to empower solar customers with all the facts to maximize the value of their investment. One way we’re doing this is to leverage data to further our goals. We want to go a step further than the information you would get from an installer by combining energy usage and solar production data to develop personalized insights to empower you to make smart energy decisions.

This knowledge will be helpful to solve one of the primary barriers to rooftop solar in Texas, the lack of statewide net metering. Net metering allows solar homeowners to earn credit for their system’s excess solar production. As we’ve discussed, there are a few retail energy providers in the state that do offer a system of credits for solar. These agreements tend to be short-term and are subject to change. As we work to grow Texas’ community of solar homeowners, our hope is to increase the number and quality of offerings from these providers.

Whether you’re a prospective or existing solar owner, we can analyze your data to educate you about the true value of solar. This will help you maximize the value of your system by selecting a solar system and net metering program that will save more on your energy bills. If you are interested in participating, please complete the following for­m.

Help us grow solar in Texas!