A big welcome to our newest CPN members!

By Emily Stiever on June 28, 2013

We are so excited to welcome a number of new organizations to CPN! Check out their profiles below. We are also happy to put folks in touch with organizations that they’d like to learn more about or collaborate with.

Citizen Green

Citizen Green’s mission is to combine the power of the internet and clean energy technology to accelerate the transition to a clean energy based economy that benefits our communities directly.

The group is currently working to develop a 300 kW solar system in Richmond, CA, on an abandoned industrial lot that was previously used by a polluting chemical company. The project is designed to benefit local community members and create jobs in the area.

Montana Renewable Energy Association

MREA is a nonprofit whose mission is to expand the use of renewable energy in Montana, promote state renewable energy policies, and inform Montana residents about of the benefits of renewable energy.

MREA is gearing up to host their annual Montana Clean Energy Fair. The event will feature a keynote address by Montana Governor Steve Bullock, exhibits by Montana clean energy businesses, workshops on renewable energy led by experts from around the state, and lots of fun activities for kids and families.

Nebraskans for Solar

Nebraskans for Solar (NFS) is a public interest, nonprofit organization with the mission to provide solar energy installations to low-income residents and nonprofit organizations in Nebraska, as well as to develop a Solar Schools Program in the state. NFS also encourages community-based and other cooperative solar projects throughout the state.

NFS recently supported a DOE SunShot Initiative Workshop in Omaha, NE, as part of an initiative to help spread the word about solar and lower solar soft costs in the region.

North Carolina Community Solar

North Carolina Community Solar’s mission is to start solar projects in communities that might not have the financial means or place to install their own solar electric systems. They provide workshops, facilitation, research, and education to promote the integration of solar electricity into the power network and reduce the harmful effects of fossil fuel power generation. The group facilitated the installation of solar electric system for their neighborhood and are passionate about helping others do the same.

Solar Cascade

Solar Cascade gives away solar power. As a nonprofit, Solar Cascade donated solar systems to schools, not-for-profit organizations and hospitals – organizations that are doing great things in their communities. The organization also crowdfunds its solar projects, seeking small donations from thousands of solar pioneers. They are currently working to raise funds to donate solar systems to a local bike shop, alternative school, elementary school, and radio station.

Solar One

Solar One is New York City’s Green Energy, Arts and Education Center. Originally founded in 2004 to manage Stuyvesant Cove Park, Solar One has expanded to provide an array of programs that promote urban sustainability and education. The group is currently helping neighborhoods in Brooklyn organize solar bulk purchases as a means to help homeowners save on the cost of going solar.