A big win for community solar in DC

By Emily Stiever on July 19, 2013

We are excited to share that CPN Partner DC Solar United Neighborhoods (DC SUN) made a huge step towards passing community solar legislation in the District.

On Wednesday, July 10th the DC Council voted unanimously to approve the bill for it’s first reading. A second reading will take place in September and, if approved, the District will become one of only a handful of states to adpot policies to allow virtual net metering.

For more info about the DC legislation you can check out the DC SUN webpage here. The legislation can be found on the bottom of the page. Vote Solar’s blog post on the legislative victory and an NPR news story are also great resources.

In honor of the event we’ve begun to compile a resource guide to community solar for the CPN website. The guide includes different models for community solar, and a compilation of tools and resources. If you have suggestions for additional resources or models to add, please let us know.