Building Grassroots Support for Solar with Statewide Listserves

By Emily Stiever on March 8, 2013

We are excited to share that we’ve been working on with folks in the Mid-Atlantic region to create statewide solar listserves in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Click here to learn more, and visit each group.

About the state listserves

These groups are citizens networks that are open to any individual or business interested in supporting solar in the state. The listserves are a place for practical advice on how to go solar and a place to keep track of local developments around solar.

Why a listserve?

The statewide solar networks create a space for “solar citizens” to connect, ask questions, get help going solar, and share their experiences. Because the networks are completely non-partisan and do not allow advertising or polemical arguments, the group focuses on focus on practical issues related to solar.

People who have solar or want solar can find others and get advice about how to get started, how to compare bids, news or updates on incentives, help with net-metering, billing and other challenges from the local utility. The listserves help members develop real, tangible solar projects and help educate citizens on potential opportunities to improve each state’s solar policy.

The networks also provide an infrastructure for solar citizens, environmental groups, industry groups and advocacy organizations to better communicate and collaborate. The premise is that when we work together, we are stronger, more effective, and more likely to succeed.

The result is that each state is building a broad, statewide network of solar supporters that care about solar in their state, are well educated about solar in their state and want to engage to make policy better.

Get involved

  • If you live in MD, VA, WV, or DC, make sure to sign up for your state’s network.
  • If you’re interested in setting up a state network in your state, contact us. We can help you figure out who to invite, deal with the technical aspects of the list, and create a long-term plan for growing the list.