Calling all community solar supporters: We need your help!

By Anya Schoolman on August 14, 2014
Dear Supporters of Community Solar,
Once again we need your help. The community solar draft regulations have not been issued by the Public Service Commission (PSC), even though the bill was passed last October 2013! First we were told they would be issued in March, then May, then July. Now we are not hearing anything!
Please write or call the DC Council and ask for their help. Ask your DC Counsel representative to  demand that the DC Public Service Commission act in the public interest. Tell them to focus on finishing the community solar regulations BEFORE they work on the Exelon Merger! Below is a sample email you can use when contacting the Council.
It is extremely important that the PSC pass these regulations. The Maryland, DC, and Virginia Solar Energy Industries Association put together a letter outlining the impact these delays are having on the DC solar market.
Thank you for your help!
Anya Schoolman
DC Solar United Neighborhoods