Community Members in Baltimore Solicit Bids from Area Installers

By Corey Ramsden on February 19, 2015

We are excited to issue a Request for Proposal on behalf of a group of 30+ homeowners in Baltimore City and Baltimore County! For this Baltimore Solar Coop Pilot, we are partnering with the non-profit Civic Works, which has recruited the homeowners in this group, qualified them, and is establishing a Solar Installation Technician Training Program. One of Civic Works’ goals for this pilot is to understand more clearly how best to structure such a training program. We’ve included in the RFP some of our lessons learned with past bulk purchase groups, as well as an outline of the process and expectations for the company chosen by the Selection Committee.

Because this is a pilot, Maryland Sun and Civic Works will be holding a contractor information session to answer your questions about the RFP and goals of the pilot. The session will be held on Tuesday, March 3rd at 4:00pm at Civic Works’ Baltimore Center for Green Careers (6260 Frankford Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21206).

If you have any questions please contact Corey Ramsden (

Deadline for submission is Wednesday, March 11th by 4:59pm.

Download the RFP!

Learn more about the Baltimore Solar Co-op.