Community solar is here to stay in Maryland

By Kimberly Armstrong on July 7, 2023

On May 16 SUN’s Maryland Program Director Kimberly Armstrong and solar supporters joined Governor Wes Moore at the House Chamber in Annapolis for signing of a bill that will help more Maryland residents access solar power. 

Going solar lets you save money by taking control of where your energy comes from. But not everyone can install solar where they live. This may be because their roof isn’t right for solar, they rent, or they don’t have the upfront capital to invest in solar. This is where community solar comes in. A new law will open community solar to more Maryland families.

What is community solar

Community solar allows you to benefit from solar, even if you can’t install it on your home! With community solar you buy or lease a share of a solar installation near where you live. The electricity generated by your share is credited to your electricity bill, the same as if the panels were on your own roof.

New law expands community solar in Maryland

Maryland launched a limited community solar pilot program in 2015. The program was set to end next year. Fortunately, the Maryland legislature voted to make the community solar program permanent. This legislation will also simplify the billing process. This will make it easier for families to understand their savings from community solar.

The bill would not have passed without the tireless work of solar supporters. We sent hundreds of messages to legislators urging them to make community solar permanent. We also held one-on-one meetings with key legislators.

How you can participate in community solar

Learn more or sign up for a community project in your area using our free community solar platform.

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