CPN Hires Two Solar Experts to Grow Solar Co-op Reach

By Ben Delman on March 26, 2015

The Community Power Network (CPN) is proud to bring aboard two solar energy experts, Bill Howley and Ben Delman, to the team. Both are supporting CPN’s efforts to help communities develop and implement local energy initiatives and build local power around a shared, democratic energy system.

Bill Howley joins CPN as the organization’s WV SUN Program Director and is helping West Virginians go solar together through solar co-ops. He’s also helping coordinate efforts in the state to ensure all citizens have the right to produce their own energy. Bill is a long time energy activist. Since 2008, he has written and edited The Power Line, the View from Calhoun County, a blog about electricity issues in West Virginia. Bill powers his home with a 3.56 kw solar power system with battery backup.

Ben Delman joins CPN as the organization’s Communications Manager. He’s working with CPN to grow the organization’s outreach efforts and publicize the benefits and successes of CPN’s many member organizations. He’s also supporting on-the-group solar deployment efforts through CPN’s programs in Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Ben joins CPN from clean tech PR firm Tigercomm where he worked to earn attention for a variety of clean tech companies and causes.