CPN Seeks DC Program Director

By Emily Stiever on July 13, 2016

Community Power Network (including DC SUNMD SUNWV SUNVA SUNOH SUN and FL SUN) is seeking a DC SUN Program Director to support our ongoing solar work in the District.

DC SUN, a program of Community Power Network, is dedicated to solar being accessible and affordable for every resident of Washington DC. We help homeowners form solar cooperatives and become owners, investors, and stakeholders in the solar economy. We ensure all District residents have equal access to solar programs and technologies for economic development. We are dedicated to the vision that if a large and diverse number of people have a financial stake in the clean energy economy, they will fight for it. By building, demonstrating, promoting, and advocating for ways for people to financially benefit from clean energy, we build a broad new constituency for change.

In additional to our work in the District, CPN implements state programs in MD, VA, WV, OH, and FL. A core component of our state programs is to facilitate neighborhood solar co-ops. The basic approach is to gather homeowners, or businesses together and help them go solar as a group. By forming a group, participants can save up to 20% off the cost of the installation. We also support co-op members through the decision-making process, creating a group dynamic that helps more people go solar, and we engage in policy work that improves and strengthens the solar market for everybody.

About the Position

The Director will implement solar co-op programs in D.C. and conduct extensive communications, outreach, press, and trainings around creating an accessible, affordable solar market in the District. We believe in a distributed model of leadership and work to train and empower many local leaders in the District, with the Program Director supporting these efforts. Focus areas include:

  • Develop and implement solar co-ops in neighborhoods across the District, working to ensure that all District residents have access to solar
  • Develop and Engage a citizen-led board for DC SUN’s programs
  • Provide technical assistance to District residents, businesses, and organizations interested in going solar
  • Organize annual DC Solar Congress, open to all interested District residents
  • Closely follow and contribute to the development of low-income solar programs in the District
  • Conduct extensive education and outreach on newly passed community solar regulations
  • Develop and implement community solar projects where appropriate
  • Provide leadership in DC’s on-going energy policy framework and planning including participate in and support DC PSC 1130 proceeding on the Grid of the Future, implementation of the new “Solar for All” program, micro-grids and resiliency planning.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with community partners and stakeholders.
  • Represent DC SUN at wide variety of stakeholder meetings and community engagement opportunities.
  • Develop and implement volunteer engagement program for DC SUN
  • Support ongoing fundraising and donor engagement efforts
  • Maintain online web infrastructure for the DC SUN website, to include in-depth information on solar basics, as well as serve as an invaluable resource and forum for policy discussions and citizen engagement.

Applicant Requirements

CPN seeks a full-time Director to implement the above work. CPN will provide strategic oversight and support, including supporting the use of our organization-wide Salesforce contact management database and shared materials. The Director will function as part of the CPN team to deploy the solar co-ops. The Director will be responsible for hosting information meetings and meeting with co-op members, including a number of evening meetings.

Qualified applicants will have at least five years work experience, a strong understanding of effective organizing techniques, an ability to develop relationships with community members and organizations, and a strong motivation to help grow this program. Strong writing and verbal presentation skills essential. Interest in working collaboratively in a team environment required. Experience with online CRMs, solar basics, and solar project development a plus.

Applicants should send a resume and cover letter to https://www.solarunitedneighbors.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/nancy-HOA-1.jpg at jobs@solarunitedneighbors.org.