CPN seeks Florida Program Director

By Emily Stiever on May 18, 2016

Update: We have filled this position. We are excited hit the ground running in the sunshine state!
Community Power Network (including DC SUNMD SUNWV SUNVA SUN, and OH SUN) is seeking an FL SUN Program Director to launch our Florida program and develop and deploy solar co-ops in the state. The Director will implement solar co-op programs in Florida, as well as conduct extensive communications, outreach, press, and trainings around the solar co-op model, with the goal of scaling up their impact and reach. The Director will also build out the online web infrastructure for the FL SUN website, to in-depth information on solar basics, as well as serve as an invaluable resource and forum for policy discussions and citizen engagement. The goal of the position is to jumpstart residential solar installations in Florida and help grow the citizen movement for solar.

The position will begin as a full-time role, with responsibility for establishing and implementing the program, as well as partial responsibility for fundraising activities for the FL SUN program, with the support of Community Power Network. CPN staff will provide strategic oversight and support, including supporting the use of our organization-wide Salesforce contact management database and shared materials. The Director will function as part of the CPN team to deploy the solar co-ops. While we believe in a distributed model of leadership and hope to train and empower many local leaders in Florida, the Program Director will become the face of the FL SUN program in the state.

Qualified applicants will have at least five years work experience, a strong understanding of effective organizing techniques, an ability to develop relationships with community members and organizations, and a strong motivation to help grow this program into a robust, effective initiative with additional staff and an extensive reach. The Director will be responsible for significant travel across the state to host information meetings and meet with co-op members, including a number of evening meetings.

Job Description and Duties

Launch and grow new solar co-ops (60%)

  • Identify new co-op opportunities and implement new solar co-ops.
  • Maintain back office infrastructure and communications with participants.
  • Engage installers and track progress for each co-op.
  • Improve process and design of bulk purchase programs.
  • Highlight the successes of solar co-ops through outreach and earned media.

Build a broad FL SUN base of solar supporters who are ready to take political action on Florida solar issues (30%)

  • Grow and moderate FL SUN listserv, social media, and email distribution list, with the goal of doubling the FL SUN email list in one year.

Administration and Fundraising (10%)

  • Support the further growth of the program via fundraising efforts.

Applicants should send a resume and cover letter to https://www.solarunitedneighbors.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/nancy-HOA-1.jpg at jobs@solarunitedneighbors.org.