Current Issues and Updates

By Emily Stiever on March 12, 2012

Community Power Network Video Contest Sign Ups

Please join our FREE video contest or pass the word along to others!

We are looking to get as many groups to sign up as possible for the video contest so please pass along the email announcement to others or Tweet about it! We want to use the contest to learn about new models, spread the word about community renewables and help groups promote their projects! This applies to all renewable energy types and it would be great to hear about some wind projects!

Here is the tweet we have been using: Sign up and win a video to showcase your community renewables project! Sign up FREE @ #CommunityPowerNetwork

Community Power Network March Call

We are looking to touch base this month to discuss upcoming events, ideas, and ways we can collaborate to further spread the word about community renewables. Join us to discuss ways we can join efforts and make the work we’re all doing easier.

If there are any particular issues or ideas that you find important to connect with others on, please send them our way and we will add to the agenda. Any suggestions are welcome!

Another win for Crowdfunding: House Overwhelmingly Passes JOBS Act

Building on the momentum the idea of Crowdfunding has made over the past six months with legislators, the JOBS Act passed in the House of Representatives earlier this week. The legislative package passed with bipartisan support and a final vote of 390 – 23!

The bills will allow companies to raise money over the Internet in return for equity investors, relax reporting requirements for smaller companies seeking IPO, and expand the number of investors allowed to fund community banks. All of these provisions help make funding easier for community renewable energy projects.

This also opens up a very important opportunity to spread the word about community power. Since, crowdfunding taps into the wisdom of the crowd it helps fund ideas people feel are beneficial and good. Therefore, it is important we spread the word about community power and show people how valuable it is.

The Senate is also expected to hop on board with its own crowdfunding bill. “Our bill will have more consumer protections, investor protections, but it will be similar-we’re not standing in the way of their bill because it originated over there. Make no mistake, we’re going to pass a small-business bill similar to the one the House is producing” said Senator Chuck Schumer of New York.

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