DC Petitions City Council: Don’t Let Solar Die

By Emily Steiver on May 3, 2011

DC Sun Fights for DC Solar!

Yesterday, nearly a dozen solar advocates met at the Wilson Building to present members of the DC Council with a petition asking:

“We the undersigned residents of the District of Columbia urge our City Council to pass the Distributed Generation Amendment Act of 2011 to help put more solar on the rooftops of our homecity. Let’s build DC solar to create jobs, grow DC businesses and protect the environment.”

To date we have 2,104 signatures on the petition—but the numbers continue to grow! It is not too late to sign!


We were very surprised by the reaction we got at CM Cheh’s office—as she has been the long standing champion in the DC Council on renewable energy. We have been in conversations with her office about the need to fix the SREC market for one year now. We went to her office to ask why it is taking so long. She seemed severely annoyed to see us there and told us the bill was more complicated than we thought! We left wondering if Cheh had lost interest in being Washington’s solar champion.

After the meeting we got the following statement from CM Cheh’s office: “As the primary author and lead introducer of this bill, I fully support moving forward. I have been advised by Councilmember Alexander’s office that she plans to move the bill in front of the Committee for markup this month.” -Mary Cheh

CM Alexander warmly welcomed our delegation, and agreed to take pictures with our group handing over the 175 page petition! She said the bill would be marked up and moved in May and promised the bill would be done before summer recess. This is good news, however, the bill mark up still has not been scheduled, and we are getting conflicting reports on how strong the bill will be when finished.

We also visited with staff from CM Wells and CM Graham’s offices as we had strong representation in our group from Ward’s 1 and 6. They assured us they would look into why the bill appeared to be stalled and see what they could to do help.

Stay tuned!

Anya Schoolman

President DC Sun

PS If anyone wants to help deliver the petition to the other members of the DC Council please contact me! We need constituents to educate their representatives in all of the DC Wards.