DC Selects Vendor to Lead the Sustainable Energy Utility

By Emily Steiver on April 1, 2011

DC’s selection of a vendor to run the SEU (read announcement here) has been long awaited by the DC solar community.  Why?  Because the SEU is supposed to be the organization charting a path forward for solar.  As you know, the current Renewable Energy Incentive Program (solar rebates) expires next year.  DC has never charted a path forward for solar in DC beyond 2012.  We have high hopes that a rebate program can be extended beyond 2012, that the renewable energy credit market will be stabilized, and that the SEU will set and work toward goals for reaching solar milestones to make DC the #1 solar city in the US.  We urge the new SEU to work with DC SUN and our member cooperatives to creatively bring solar to a wider range of citizens (for example, promoting community solar projects for renters, for those that don’t have the correct building orientation, and for those that don’t have the financial means to purchase a complete system).  We welcome Vermont Energy Investment Corporation and its partners.  Let’s get started!