DC SUN, Grid 2.0, MDV-SEIA Ask PSC for Full Review of Exelon Settlement

By Ben Delman on October 19, 2015

On Friday, DC SUN, asked the D.C. Public Service Commission (PSC) to open a new hearing docket to review Exelon’s attempt to take over Pepco. DC SUN is joined in the filing by Grid 2.0 and, MDV-SEIA. The parties are asking for a full and transparent review of the settlement Exelon reached with Mayor Bowser last week.

“Exelon should not be able to use a backroom deal to circumvent public scrutiny,” said Anya Schoolman, DC SUN President. “They know their settlement does nothing to change the fundamental conflict of interest they would have in taking over Pepco, and they don’t want this fact exposed.”

In August, the PSC unanimously rejected Exelon’s attempt to take over Pepco. The commission based its rejection on Exelon’s failure to demonstrate that the proposed takeover was in the public interest.

DC SUN’s filing notes that Exelon and Mayor Bowser agreed to the recent settlement more than 30 days after the commission rejected the take over. PSC rules do not permit settlements to be submitted after a “final decision”.  This means the PSC will have to open a new docket that allows the public to fully review the proposed settlement and make their voices heard.

“The Public Service Commission spent more than a year reviewing documents, listening to testimony, and accepting public comment about the proposed take over,” Schoolman said. “This thorough review demonstrated that allowing Exelon to become the District’s utility was not in the best interest of residents. Today’s filing asks the commission to take the same care in reviewing the settlement, which they will find does nothing to alter their initial objections.”

Click here to read DC SUN’s request to open a new docket.