DC SUN Sets Up Solar Fund!

By Emily Steiver on November 3, 2011

Well, in a way, we have grown tired of waiting for rebates that come and go, so we decided to set up our own program. Our target is to expand the solar market– especially by funding high profile projects in organizations that are important to our communities. What do I mean?? Well– churches, schools, non-profits, small local businesses. Many of these organizations can go solar now, but they don’t know it. DC SUN can help. 


What is it? DC SUN has now launched the NEW Community emPOWERment Fund. Many local installers will now provide a donation to DC SUN’semPOWERment Fund if their customer is a member of DC SUN. Money in the fund goes to support solar projects for non-profits, churches, and other community organizations. So, when you talk to an installer, tell ‘em DC SUN or your local solar coop sent you!

  • The six charter installers contributing to the Fund are:
      • Kenergy Solar
      • Lighthouse Solar
      • Skyline Innovations
      • SolarCity
      • Solar Solutions
      • Volt Energy


Click here to learn more


There are lots of ways to get engaged. We will start on-line fundraising for specific project. You can volunteer with DC Sun and get trained to be a solar ambassador to help worthy organizations go solar.. Or you can nominate you favorite local community organization to receive a grant toward a new solar system. Fill out our online form to nominate an organization YOU think should receive a Community emPOWERment Fund grant.


The market and prices are there to go solar now! It is just going to take a bit of effort to get the word out to ALL parts of the city. JOIN US!