DC SUN statement regarding the Maryland PSC decision re: Exelon-Pepco merger

By Ben Delman on May 15, 2015

Today DC SUN released the following statement regarding the decision by the Maryland PSC to approve by a 3-2 margin Exelon’s takeover of Pepco:

The decision by a scant majority of the Maryland Commission is disappointing and, we believe, contrary to the evidence that was presented in the DC Commission’s proceeding. The two dissenting Maryland Commissioners got it exactly right in concluding that the proposed merger should have been rejected. The legal standards in the District are distinctly different from those in Maryland, however, and will dictate a different outcome. We are confident that the DC Commissioners will conclude, as the dissenters did in Maryland, that an Exelon utility is contrary to the public interest of the District of Columbia and the District’s electric customers.