Donor Spotlight: Carmel Green Initiative, Inc.

By Krystal Persaud on May 19, 2021

Solar United Neighbors appreciates the major financial contribution made by Carmel Green Initiative, Inc. (CGI) toward helping low-to-moderate-income families go solar through our 2020-2021 Indianapolis solar co-op. We’re honored to present this interview with CGI to spotlight the organization’s support of this project:

What role does philanthropy play in your organization’s pursuit of its goals?

Carmel Green Initiative, Inc.: Carmel Green Initiative, Inc. is a non-profit, so philanthropy is key to our organization’s goals.

What inspired your organization’s contribution toward helping low-to-moderate-income Indianapolis families obtain rooftop solar systems for their homes?

Carmel Green Initiative, Inc.: In the past few years, we designated some of CGI’s income to offer rebates to ten Hamilton County homeowners who installed rooftop solar. In 2020, the board decided to designate those funds to help low-to-moderate-income families install rooftop solar. We felt the need to offset some of the installation cost was likely greater for low-to-moderate-income families than for those individuals receiving past rebates.

Please share why advancing solar power is important to your organization.

Carmel Green Initiative, Inc.: CGI is committed to reducing the impact of Carmel citizens on our environment and meeting the climate challenge. Increased utilization of solar is key to fulfilling CGI’s mission.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about supporting Solar United Neighbors’ work?

Carmel Green Initiative, Inc.: Solar United Neighbors’ initiatives are essential to moving the needle on environmental sustainability and the use of alternative energy sources. CGI is proud and grateful to partner with SUN to advocate for and implement rooftop solar in Hamilton County.