Donor Spotlight: Jefferson Electric LLC

By Krystal Persaud on May 19, 2021

Solar United Neighbors appreciates the major contribution made by Jefferson Electric LLC toward helping low-to-moderate-income families go solar through our 2020-2021 Indianapolis solar co-op. We’re honored to present this interview to spotlight the company’s support of this project:

What role does philanthropy play in your company’s pursuit of its goals?

Jefferson Electric LLC: Philanthropy is often defined as a demonstration of one’s love towards mankind. The goal of loving others is central to how we operate as a company, and we seek to have this goal impact every single one of our relationships. Whether it’s deciding what services or products to recommend to a customer, how we interact with an equipment supplier, or the way we interact with a coworker even when things get stressful, we aim to do this in a genuine and loving manner. This goal continues to define our company culture.   

What inspired your company’s contribution toward helping low-to-moderate-income Indianapolis families obtain rooftop solar systems for their homes?

Jefferson Electric LLC: We were thrilled that SUN was spearheading a program to help lower-income families make the switch to solar power. In our business, we meet many families who want and would greatly benefit from a solar energy system; but unfortunately, the systems can be financially out of reach. Being an installer for a number of the SUN co-ops in the past has been a much-appreciated boost to our business, and we saw this program as an opportunity to use our gifts to give back. It has brought a lot of joy to see these homeowners have the ability to generate their own energy through solar, and we’re excited to be part of the program.

What would you tell another company that is thinking about supporting Solar United Neighbors’ work?

Jefferson Electric LLC: Do it! Solar United Neighbors is making a major impact on the solar industry in Indiana and across the United States. Whether it’s helping a homeowner make the switch to solar, working with an HOA to understand solar, or advising a utility company on solar standards, Solar United Neighbors does excellent work and all of our support is needed in order for them to continue their good work.