Energy Freedom campaign rolls strong into summer

By Ben Delman on July 10, 2017

Ratepayers across West Virginia aren’t taking Ohio-based FirstEnergy’s attempt to put us on the hook for its failing power plant lying down. We are working hard to educate the public about this bad deal for West Virginia.

We received good news last month when Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) staff issued a deficiency letter to FirstEnergy. FERC is a federal agency responsible for regulating the electricity sector. The staff concluded that FirstEnergy’s application to transfer the Pleasants Plant was incomplete. FERC is requiring FirstEnergy to submit additional information on several topics. The letter found FirstEnergy’s application deficient. Interestingly, the deficiencies FERC identified were issues that West Virginians for Energy Freedom discussed at length in our filing.

Fighting back

Hundreds of West Virginians have signed a petition to the Public Service Commission urging commissioners to reject FirstEnergy’s bid. Click here to sign. You can also sign up to volunteer with our campaign. We have begun holding monthly volunteer calls to provide information and updates on the campaign. We will be working throughout the summer to educate our fellow West Virginians about this bad deal. Public hearings will start in September, so it’s critical that we spread the word now.