Excellent Showing Today at DC Council Hearing

By Emily Steiver on March 2, 2011

Today’s DC Council hearing on increasing the solar carve out (Renewable Portfolio Standard) was strongly attended by citizens across the City, testifying in favor of the raising the solar RPS up to 4%.  I believe there were more than 40 people testifying in favor of the Bill.  Other than the utilities, who predictably do not want to lose business to citizen-produced solar power, there were not many negative comments about the bill.  The Public Service Commission did raise some concerns that did not seem completely on point.  However, the PSC noted in their comments that they believe that DC’s recent decision to remove funding out of the Sustainable Energy Trust Fund may not have been legal.  DDOE Commissioner Tuluo testified in favor of the bill — giving it his strong support.  There is also an article discussing the issues in City Paper.  See link here.  Were you there?  If so, please comment with your impression.