Exelon appeal is still a bad deal

By Ben Delman on September 29, 2015

Yesterday, Exelon filed an appeal to the D.C. Public Service Commission (PSC) regarding its rejected attempt to take over local utility Pepco. The filing comes after the PSC unanimously turned down Exelon’s offer because it it was found to not be in the public’s interest.

Nothing in Exelon’s new filing eliminates its “inherent conflict of interest” with the District’s clean energy goals. The Public Service Commission concluded Exelon’s corporate profits depend on revenues from its non-renewable generation business. Therefore, it cannot “be the enthusiastic supporter and facilitator necessary to lead the District and its local distribution franchise in the future.” District residents deserve lower electric bills, reliable service, and facilitated access to local renewable energy.”

Exelon’s desperate attempts to revive this deal fall far short of these basic requirements. DC SUN has participated in every aspect of this proceeding, and at no point has Exelon offered proposals that respect the District and its electric customers. We expect the Commission to reject this latest hail-mary attempt because no deal with Exelon can be in the District’s public interest.

Thousands of D.C. residents have acted to oppose Exelon’s attempted take over of Pepco. A majority of the District’s Advisory Neighborhood Commissions have passed resolutions opposing the merger. Six City Councilmembers have also gone on record as opposing the deal. They are also urging Mayor Bowser not to reach a settlement with Exelon. Let the mayor know that you don’t support this bad deal for D.C. by calling her office: (202) 727-2643.