Fayette County Solar Co-Op selects Appropriately Applied Technologies as bulk installer

By Emily Steiver on September 15, 2014

As featured on West Virginia Public Broadcasting, more than 30 residents of the Fayette County, WV have organized into a solar co-op, leveraging their collective buying power to go solar together at save on the cost of a system. Following a competitive bidding process the group selected Cleveland, OH-based Appropriately Applied Technologies (AAT) to complete the co-ops installations.

Co-sponsored by the Fayette County Green Team, the co-op was spearheaded by Fayette County Residents Ginger Danz and Gabriel Pena earlier this summer.  Danz and Pena wanted to bring more solar to the region and saw the co-op as a great way to build community. They contacted the D.C.-based non-profit Community Power Network to help the co-op host information meetings and solicit bids from local installers.

After facilitating a competitive bidding process in August, co-op members were excited to select Appropriately Applied Technologies for their competitive price, experience with solar installations, and commitment to hiring a 50% local work force for the installation process. Founded in 2013, AAT is committed to maximizing returns for residential solar installations, requiring low cost of components, and “making PV solar a common household appliance.” Said AAT President Miles Murray, “I’m so excited to see many people in West Virginia that want to be a part of this revolution, and we’re definitely excited to be a part of it as well.”

The Fayette Solar Co-op will be hosting a final informational session on Monday, October 20th at 7:00 pm at the Historic Fayette Theater. The meeting is an opportunity for community members to learn more about solar and the co-op. Interested members can still join the co-op through Friday, October 31st. 

About Appropriately Applied Technologies

By standardizing components and system design, AAT is bringing residential solar electricity within reach of most homeowners. By working with in-state partners they are eliminating supply-chain costs while creating and keep jobs locally when possible. AAT also commissions photovoltaic systems for commercial clients with discounted pricing available on projects over 10,000W.

About the Fayette County Solar Co-op

A group of neighbors in Fayette County have formed a solar cooperative! They are going solar as a group and will save 20-30% off the cost of our systems through a bulk discount. The effort is being sponsored by the Fayette County Green Advisory Team and anyone in Fayette County is welcome to join the coop.

About Community Power Network and WV SUN

The Community Power Network (CPN) is a network of grass roots, local, state, and national organizations working to build, and promote locally based renewable energy projects & policies. Our mission is, in part, to help people start their own community-based renewable energy projects by providing resources, technical assistance, case studies, and connections to other practitioners. A project of CPN, West Virginia Solar United Neighborhoods (WV SUN) is leading the transition across West Virginia—helping towns and communities develop renewable energy projects and programs that will sustain our economies and our planet for the long haul, while making sure we continue to power America. They fight for the little guys—the non-profits, homeowners and farmers that can’t afford the constant rate increases.  They work with towns with long, proud histories that need new industries and new jobs and look to a future to a future that’s locally grown—with power and good livings to be made in the hollers.