Fight against Exelon continues; D.C. Govt. & OPC ask PSC to reconsider

By Mikki Baloy on May 16, 2016

District residents who don’t want their electric bills to skyrocket received good news recently. The D.C. Government and the Office of the People’s Counsel (OPC) both asked the Public Service Commission (PSC) to reconsider its incorrect approval of Exelon’s takeover of Pepco.

In filings, the D.C. Government and OPC argue that the PSC erred by granting approval to a proposal that only Exelon and Pepco supported. Prior rulings from the PSC were clear that any proposal submitted to the PSC must be approved by all of the setting parties.

OPC took Commissioners to task in its filing:

In light of the errors in Order 18148 (the decision to approve the take over), there can be no certainty that the public’s confidence in the Commission can ever be restored. However, the process of restoring public confidence cannot even begin if Order 18148 is left standing.

In response to the PSC’s wrong decision, we sent hundreds of letters to Attorney General Racine and to OPC urging them to keep fighting for us. It worked. We’ll continue to keep you updated about this case as events warrant.

Click here to read the OPC’s brief

Click here to read the D.C. Government’s brief