Fighting for solar rights in Pennsylvania

By Zach Schalk on February 14, 2018

Pennsylvanians are demanding a clean and democratic energy system that directs control and benefits back to local communities—with solar as the cornerstone. Rooftop solar can save homeowners money on their electric bills while also providing community benefits like a more resilient electric grid, healthy and locally produced energy that provides real energy independence, and strong economic growth from solar jobs. Solar installer is the fastest growing occupation in the nation and, in 2017, Pennsylvania was among the top five states for solar job growth.

If we want Pennsylvania to enact more solar-friendly policies, we’ll have to join together and fight for solar rights!

But we can still do better

We’re building an army of solar voters to fight for solar rights and energy freedom in our state. Will you join us?

Support Solar in PA


Contact your representatives in Harrisburg and urge them to support solar policies that help all Pennsylvanians fairly access solar energy. Let them know that you will no longer accept policies that rig the game in favor of monopoly utilities at the expense of the fair and democratic energy system we deserve. It’s time for all Pennsylvanians to be able to take more control over their energy resources, consume clean and locally produced energy, and save money on their electric bill. It’s time for Pennsylvania to be a leader in solar energy.

More solar would benefit Pennsylvania in several ways. Rooftop solar puts more money in the pockets of average Pennsylvanians by lowering our electric bills each month. The excess energy produced by a rooftop solar system is put back out onto the grid, serving neighbors and increasing resilience by reducing stress on the system. Clean, locally produced energy means a healthier community and environment. And, solar benefits the economy by creating local jobs that can’t be outsourced!

To make Pennsylvania a true solar leader and ensure it benefits all of us, we must:

  • Raise the Solar Carve-Out from a paltry 0.5% to 10% or higher. The Solar Carve-Out is the percentage of energy that the state government requires utilities to get from solar energy. The higher the percentage, the more incentives the government and utilities create for people and businesses to go solar.
  • Protect Net Metering, which allows solar owners to reap the full financial benefits from their solar array. When your panels produce more energy than you use, the excess energy flows back into the grid to be used by your neighbors. Net metering requires your utility to compensate you for this energy you share with others. Across the country, utilities and their lobbyists have sought to weaken or destroy net metering laws like we have in Pennsylvania. Solar supporters must stand up and resist these attacks on a fair and clean energy system.
  • Pass legislation to allow real community solar, which would make solar available to those currently kept out of the rooftop solar market. We must also ensure that the program is designed to be inclusive to all Pennsylvanians, including low and moderate income families. Real community solar would let communities develop and benefit from solar as they see fit.

Sharing your story will send a powerful message to your State Representative and Senator, and you’ll be notified of future opportunities to fight for solar rights in the Keystone State!

Support Solar in PA