FP&L adds another layer to the interconnection process

By Ben Delman on July 5, 2017
Two Florida Solar Co-op members with their electric meter and inverter
Two Florida Solar Co-op members with their electric meter and inverter

Navigating the process with your installer and your utility to connect your solar system to the electric grid can be challenging. This is called ‘interconnection’. It is the final, and sometimes the longest and most confusing step before you can start saving money with solar energy. Interconnection is the process by which your solar system is allowed to send electricity back through your electric meter and out to your neighbors. To add another layer of complexity to the process, FP&L is now requiring homeowners to get pre-approval for a new meter prior to the installation of their solar electric system.

Prospective solar homeowners will now need to log into their FP&L account to start the application for pre-approval. Homeowners should choose the tier size relevant to their system and enter the system size from the proposal they receive from the installer. Solar customers will then need to forward their approval email to their installer.

Previously, this approval process could be handled entirely by installers. FP&L territory extends along the Atlantic Coast from south of Jacksonville all the way down through Miami and on the Gulf Coast from Sarasota down to Naples. It includes a few communities further inland as well. See a map here.