Green Energy Ohio Executive Director retires

By Ben Delman on July 10, 2017

OH SUN would like to recognize the retiring Executive Director of Green Energy Ohio- Bill Spratley. Spratley has served as the Executive Director of GEO since its founding seventeen years ago. He was also the first Ohio Consumers’ Counsel- a state agency dedicated to protecting ratepayers.  Spratley also served in that role for seventeen years.

His impressive collection of solar ties were almost as loud as his voice when he testified at the statehouse. Bill has also been an early ally and advocate of OH SUN.

Thank you Bill for your volunteer efforts in helping OH SUN grow solar co-ops across the state. Bill was also instrumental last year in helping organize an information session in his church in Worthington. Many of you heard Bill speak at this year’s Ohio Solar Congress in Zanesville. As a solar home owner himself, we look forward to seeing Bill join us in future solar advocacy efforts.