Help DC SUN continue into 2014

By Mikki Baloy on December 19, 2013

Dear Solar Friends,


As 2013 comes to a close, we wanted to reach out to all of our solar supporters and ask for your help in sustaining DC SUN into 2014. Right now we’re an all-volunteer organization that operates thanks to the generous contributions of many volunteers.

Although we’ve been incredibly successful at supporting the growth of solar in DC over the last 6 years, we’re reaching the point where we’ve grown beyond the ability to operate as an all-volunteer group. We want to be able to continue to help DC residents go solar and make solar accessible and affordable for all and to expand our work to neighboring states.

To do this we’re asking for support from DC’s solaristas. If you’ve gone solar with the help of DC SUN, work in the solar industry or just like what we do please consider giving back.

Click here to donate to help DC SUN continue to make solar accessible and affordable for everyone in the District.

Or make a check out to Community Power Network (our fiscal sponsor): 1826 Lamont St NW Washington, DC 20010.


We’ve done some incredible work this past year (see below) and want to continue the momentum into 2014!


All the best,

Anya Schoolman

President, DC SUN


Some of our successes over the past year include:

  • Passing the Community Renewables Energy Act of 2013, which dramatically as opens up the market to customers who could previously have not gone solar.
  • Hosting over 20 community meetings to educate the community on solar and recruit participants to join their neighborhood bulk purchase.
  • Issuing five RFPs on behalf of groups of neighbors in wards 1, 4, 5, 6/7, and the World Wildlife Fund.
  • Helping numerous DC based non-profits and small businesses go solar.
  • Signing up 336 (and counting) homeowners for our bulk purchase programs.
  • Maintaining an active listserve that helps nearly 800 DC residents learn about solar and engage on important solar issues.
  • Responding to hundreds of requests for assistance and information from homeowners considering going solar.
  • Advocating for the continuation of low-income solar programs, to help continue to expand access to solar in DC.
  • Building a new website to better help visitors learn about solar.
  • And much more!