Help a Solar Community in the Florida Keys!

By Emily Stiever on May 2, 2013

We have partnered with The Solar Community of No Name Key to help them fight for their right to remain an off-grid solar community.

No Name Key is an island located in the Florida Keys and is a model for off-grid, sustainable living. The 43 homes on the island are powered by solar panels, some with generator back-up. Over the past 25 years environmentally protective federal and county-wide laws have been implemented that allow No Name Key to remain an off-grid, solar community.

But now the local utility and Board of County Commissioners are taking aggressive steps to bring the commercial grid to their community. These power lines threaten the island’s fragile eco-system. They also go against the long-standing laws put in place to protect this environmentally sensitive area and the community’s solar lifestyle. Sign their petition and Help No Name Key’s Solar Community defend their right to remain an off-grid solar community!

About No Name Key’s Partnership with CPN

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