Hyattsville/Mt. Ranier Residents Select Frederick, MD-Based Sustainable Energy Systems to Complete Solar Installations

By Ben Delman on June 17, 2014

WASHINGTON, DC – June 17th, 2014: More than 35 residents of the Hyattsville/Mt. Rainier, MD area have organized into a solar co-op, leveraging their collective buying power to go solar together at dramatically reduced costs. Following a competitive bidding process the group selected Frederick, MD-based Sustainable Energy Systems to complete all of the group’s installations.

The group of homeowners formed this spring and has been working with local nonprofit Community Power Network to learn about solar, host information meetings, and solicit bids from local installers. Hyattsville resident Gina Deferrari helped found the Hyattsville/Mt. Rainier solar co-op after learning about a similar co-op that was formed by employees of the World Wildlife Fund:

“At a meeting [for the Hyattsville Historic Preservation Association] last fall, we were thinking of things people could do to improve their homes, like insulating our windows. And I thought, why don’t we do a bulk [solar] purchase?”

After sharing the idea with her friend and neighbors, the group got together and recruited additional members. New members can continue to join the group through the 31st of July.

Co-op members were excited to select Sustainable Energy Systems for their competitive price, strong warranties, and experience as a local company. Founded in 2008, Sustainable Energy Systems (SES) has designed and installed over 300 residential and small commercial systems in MD and is dedicated to designing and engineering quality and cost effective systems. SES’s president, Zane Bradley said,

“We’re thrilled to have been selected by the Hyattsville/Mt. Rainier solar co-op. As a local company, it’s exciting to see our neighbors come together to go solar and we’re thrilled to work with the group.”

In addition the company’s highly competitive bid, factors such as their commitment to training and hiring local graduates into their operation also played a role.

The Hyattsville/Mt. Rainier Solar Co-op will be open to new members through July 31st. For more information or sign-up, click here.

About Community Power Network and Maryland SUN

The Community Power Network (CPN) is a network of grass roots, local, state, and national organizations working to build, and promote locally based renewable energy projects & policies. Our mission is, in part, to help people start their own community-based renewable energy projects by providing resources, technical assistance, case studies, and connections to other practitioners. Maryland Solar United Neighborhoods (MD SUN) is a project of CPN which works to extend the benefits of solar power to every part of Maryland and to all residents. MD SUN works through grassroots organizing, policy engagement, and ratepayer advocacy. The group assists a diverse array of homeowners, organizations, and others in Maryland to save money through solar power by providing free technical assistance and other organizing support.

About Sustainable Energy Systems

Sustainable Energy Systems is a renewable energy design and installation business based in Frederick, MD and operating in the mid-Atlantic region.  They focus on photovoltaic systems (grid tied, battery backup, off-grid) and solar water heating systems and offer multiple options to go solar including cash purchase, lease and power purchase agreements.

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About the Hyattsville/Mt. Rainier Solar Co-op

The Hyattsville/Mt. Rainier solar co-op was conceived and founded in Spring 2014 by Hyattsville resident Gina DeFerrari. It will be accepting new members through July 31st. Membership is open only to residents of the Hyattsville/Rainier area to preserve the economy of scale which enables the dramatic installation savings possible for homeowners. For more information or to sign-up, click here. If you would like to start a solar co-op in your area, please click here to contact us or for more information on how to do it!