Mobilizing our Virginia solar army

By Zach Schalk on December 18, 2017

Solar United Neighbors of Virginia (then VA SUN) began our work here back in 2012. We brought the first solar bulk purchase program to Virginia (Solarize Blacksburg in 2014) and have since organized 23 solar co-ops to help people go solar while expanding the constituency of solar supporters throughout the Commonwealth. In our work across Virginia, from Abingdon to Arlington, we hear the same message: Virginians want a two-way, democratic energy system that directs control and benefits back to local communities—with solar as the cornerstone.

More than 100 solar supporters joined our 2017 Virginia Solar Congress this fall.

Over the years, this constituency has grown into an organized, diverse community of individuals fighting for solar rights. Solar United Neighbors of Virginia is here to make sure their voices are heard loud and clear. Through our collective efforts, we’ve enjoyed recent policy wins. But we won’t stop until all Virginians have the local, reliable energy system we deserve.

What you can do

With the new Virginia General Assembly session kicking-off January 10, now is the time to speak loud and clear against policies that rig the game in favor of monopoly utilities over the customers they are meant to serve. We have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the wave of political change crashing into Richmond to build support for policies that ensure our solar rights. Your representatives in the General Assembly decides the policies that most impact the solar rights we want to protect and expand. You can act now to tell your representatives that you demand fair solar policies by sending them the Virginia Declaration of Solar Rights!

When you sign the Virginia Declaration of Solar Rights, you send a clear message demanding fair solar polices—policies that create jobs, ensure energy freedom, and build clean, resilient power into our communities. By signing the Declaration, your representatives will know that you’re a solar voter who wants to protect and expand net metering to fairly credit solar generators for their energy production and the benefits their solar system provides to us all. They will know that your community demands the right to develop and invest in shared community solar projects. And they will know that you oppose arbitrary caps on solar energy generation and discriminatory red tape that hurt small businesses while making it harder for Virginians to go solar on their own property.

Contact your representatives


Once you sign the Declaration, you will be notified of future opportunities to continue advocating for solar as part of our Virginia solar army. We will work to keep you informed about the pressing policy issues facing solar homeowners and businesses throughout the Commonwealth, and will arm you with the tools you need to share your story with legislators, neighbors, and our growing community of solar supporters. Solar supporters like you are the best messengers to advocate for the fair energy system we want to create!

Momentum is on our side!

There is strong support for solar among both Republicans and Democrats in Virginia. Our transition to a clean, local energy system is no longer a partisan issue. More importantly, Virginians are armed with the one simple truth: our monopoly electric utilities exist to serve us—not the other way around. Our legislators must act to hold Virginia’s monopoly utilities accountable to our demands, and create a democratic and consumer-oriented energy system.

But the General Assembly will only get the message if we all act together. Join our solar army to fight for the two-way, democratic energy system that we deserve—with solar as the cornerstone. Contact your representatives today!

Act now!