Moms Clean Air Force strongly opposes Exelon-Pepco merger

By Ben Delman on May 27, 2015

Writing on behalf of its 1,700+ D.C. members, the organization Moms Clean Air Force submitted a forceful statement explaining why the group opposes Exelon’s attempt to take over Pepco.

Their statement says in part:

Washington, DC enjoys a national reputation as an innovator in sustainability, renewables and energy efficiency. Yet the proposed merger threatens that reputation and threatens DC’s autonomy to cultivate local renewable resources in particular.

In our work around the country, MCAF has the chance to observe the behavior of large electrical monopolies or near-monopolies that are vertically integrated as well. Many of these companies tend to oppose renewables development. Because these companies combine the profit motive of energy generation with the business of retain distribution, they view renewables and efficiency as competition. We observe them running hard against urgently needed policy progress.

You can read their full statement here.