New Coop Forming in Palisades

By Emily Steiver on April 8, 2010

Dear interested person,
The recent sunny, hot days make me wish I was already an ‘energy
entrepreneur’ with solar panels on my roof. With the generous D.C.
program, federal tax credit, and the opportunity to band together for
some group discounts, that goal seems affordable right now.
There will be an initial organizational and informational meeting of the
Palisades Solar Energy Coop (I hesitate to capitalize the last three words
before we really have a group!) on Thursday evening, April 29th, at 7 pm.
I reserved the upstairs meeting room at our neighborhood library on V Street.
I’m inviting Ms. Cheh or a representative from her City Council office
to give us any updates on the Renewable Energy Incentive Program.
I’m also asking our friends at the Mt. Pleasant Solar Coop, who have led
the way for us, to attend and share ‘lessons learned’ from their start-up and
subsequent successes of recent years.
I welcome your thoughts. If you have expertise on the technology or on
the details of organizing ourselves, please share those with me. See you
on the 29th!

Steve Waller
Washington, DC 20007