New report demonstrates solar’s ability to create jobs in Ohio

Ohio can expect to create thousands of new jobs and billions of dollars in investment by increasing the amount of renewable energy we use. This is according to a new report from Case Western Reserve University and the City of Cleveland. The report, Powering Ohio, explored the massive potential for clean energy jobs in Ohio. The report shows the potential for $7.8 billion in investment and the creation of 5,500 new jobs in clean energy.

Ohio is already home to several racking and panel manufacturers whose stories are detailed. The report also showed the demand for clean energy by large corporations as they expand operations.

The average Ohioan spends about $285 per month on energy. The report finds the addition of clean energy can both reduce that total as well as add $2 billion in annual GDP as a result of renewable deployment. Ohio currently has 100,000 clean energy jobs but stands to gain many more as the report details.

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