New report shows solar creating Ohio jobs

By Ben Delman on March 2, 2017

Solar energy continues to drive job growth in Ohio. A recent report by the Solar Foundation found that more than 5,800 Ohioans are employed in the solar industry. This figure represents a 21% jump over just the previous year. Jobs in solar accounted for one in 50 new jobs in the US last year.

A separate U.S. Department of Energy report shows that jobs in solar have now surpassed jobs in coal and natural gas. Solar jobs are a major part of the workforce. The national median wage for installers is $26 per hour.

Ohio ranks 11th nationally in terms of the total number of solar jobs.

Solar employs workers in a variety of occupations with a range of skill sets. This includes everything from factory workers and installers to build the panels and put them into place, to marketing and financing professionals to sell and make solar more affordable.

The solar co-ops have been a strong contributor to this year’s growth in Ohio. The economic development created by solar co-ops last year sustained or created an estimated 37 jobs.

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