Not Too Late to Join the Petworth and Mt. Pleasant Bulk Purchases

By Emily Steiver on August 22, 2013

Over 80 neighbors in Petworth and Mt Pleasant are going solar together and it’s not too late to join them! By going solar as part of a group you can get a bulk discount, saving more than 30% off the cost of a system. Each participant owns their own system and signs an individual contract with the installer chosen by the group.

Both groups have received bids from area installers and the prices have been excellent. The cost of going solar is extremely low, especially when factoring in the bulk discount. Many members are seeing a payback period of 1-3 years on their solar systems!

Check out DC SUN’s website to learn more. If you’re ready to go solar, sign up here:

·         Petworth Bulk Purchase Sign Up  (Deadline September 20th)

·         Mt. Pleasant Bulk Purchase Sign Up

We are also in the process of helping neighbors organize bulk purchases in Capitol Hill, Wards 3, 5, and 7. If you would like to join any of those bulk purchases, sign up here. If you would like to organize a bulk purchase in your neighborhood or help with any of the existing purchases, email us at