Offshore wind: A new model for community-based renewable energy projects?

By Emily Stiever on October 17, 2013

Recently we’ve been working with CPN member Vineyard Power Cooperative to help them build public support for a Department of Interior (DOI) rule that would give preference to offshore wind projects that provide direct benefits for local communities.

Last week we put together an article that gets into the nitty-gritty details of how exactly the DOI rules would impact offshore wind development. We also discuss how these new rules could create a new model for developing community-based renewable energy projects.

Check out the article and then join us on our Facebook page for a discussion. Do you think there is a place for offshore, utility-scale wind projects in the community renewables space? Are large projects at odds with the goals of promoting distributed, community-based renewable projects? We want to know what you think.

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Outside Community Power Network circles it is hard for people to imagine why we should give preferential treatment for clean energy projects with local economic benefits.

Help us get the word out and make the case for community-based clean power! Help build a network of clean energy supporters!

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