Pepco seeks rate hikes as part of its deal with Exelon

By Ben Delman on November 6, 2016

The Public Service Commission’s (PSC) decision last March to allow Exelon to take over Pepco meant several things for D.C. ratepayers. It meant that our local utility would now be controlled by a Chicago-based energy behemoth. It meant that we are at risk of paying for the cost of Exelon’s failing fleet of nuclear generation stations. And it meant that our utility would ask for an increase in our electric bills.

We found out by just how much our bills might increase in June when Pepco filed for a massive $85.47 million rate increase. Pepco’s request will be determined in an extensive rate making process at the Public Service Commission. This process is similar to that of the Exelon takeover bid. These hearings should begin next March.

Pepco will be required to present evidence as to why it needs such an excessive increase. Intervening parties will have an opportunity to present evidence as to why this rate increase is not needed.

There are several ways to get involved. The Office of the People’s Council (OPC) will be hosting a series of public briefings about the proposed rate hike. OPC encourages the public to attend. These will be announced soon. The Public Service Commission is also accepting public comments from the public regarding the rate case. These can be submitted to PSC Secretary Brinda Westbrook-Sedgwick at: Lastly, the PSC will be holding public hearings next spring or summer to receive public testimony. Sign up for the DC SUN listserv and newsletter to keep informed of these events.