Please help pass ANC resolutions against the Exelon takeover

By Emily Steiver on October 23, 2014

We need your help opposing the Exelon takeover of Pepco! Please contact your local ANC and propose the a resolution to oppose the takeover. Passing resolutions at ANC meetings will go a long way towards telling the PSC and Council that the takeover is not in the best interest of DC residents.

Take Action!

  1. Download a sample resolution

  2. Customize it for your ANC (find out what ANC you live in)

  3. Call or email your ANC representative and ask them to put the resolution on the agenda (find your ANC rep’s contact info)

  4. Let Anya know that you’re planning on attending the meeting, and whether you’d like any training beforehand

  5. Attend the meeting and present the resolution (email Anya to let her know how things went!)

  6. If the resolution passes, make sure that your ANC rep sends the resolution to the Public Service Commission

If you are unsure of what to present at the meeting, attend our training on November 10th to learn more about the merger and why Exelon is bad news for DC residents.