RFPs issued on behalf of co-ops in Monroe and Fayette Counties

By Emily Stiever on July 15, 2014
Image courtesy of the Renewable Energy Electric Vehicle Association

On behalf of a groups of homeowners in Fayette County and Monroe County, CPN and WV SUN is excited to issue two different Requests for Proposals to area installers!

Over the last few months we’ve worked closely with community stakeholders and volunteers to recruit homeowners in both counties who are interested in going solar. We’ve held info sessions, educated participants on solar basics, and pre-screened their roofs to determine if each participant is a good fit for solar.
Each co-op will be selecting an installer to complete all of the installations for that co-op. We are soliciting bids on behalf of the co-ops, but the members of the co-ops will be the making the ultimate decision as to which installer to select.
RFP documents are available for download below. If you have any questions, or would like to see a list of the participating address in order to formulate your bid, please don’t hesitate to contact Grant Klein (grant@communitypowernetwork.com).