Solar on the Move

By Emily Steiver on May 27, 2011

Solar Bill Passes Committee

Distributed Generation Amendment Act of 2011 Bill 19-10

Fantastic news! Thanks to all the hard work from solar supporters like you, the solar legislation we need to put more solar panels on DC rooftops passed unanimously out of committee in the D.C. City Council yesterday! Council members ( CM Graham CM Bowser, CM Mendelson, and CM Alexander) went out of their way to comment on the solar businesses in their Wards and all the strong reasons to support the bill!

The bill was changed slightly from the original draft but it is still a strong step forward—a victory.

How strong a step is this? This legislation will essentially guarantee a stable solar market for years to come allowing for solar to proliferate across all eight of the Districts wards. This legislation will enable the district to go from about 500 homes being powered by solar today to 15,000 homes being powered by solar in 2014. THat would be a solar boom! This bill takes us one step closer to a day in which we can all afford solar in DC! This bill is good for green jobs and the bill and even according to DC’s own fiscal analysis — the bill will have a positive impact on the DC Budget!!

The bill markup in committee is just the next step. We still need to pass the legislation out of the Council. Stay tuned for a notice asking you to show up to show your support at the City Council on June 7th.

The DC Solar Movement is getting stronger every day!

Anya Schoolman

Mt. Pleasant Solar Coop


P.S. Thanks to everybody who showed up at the Pepco shareholders meeting. Here is an article about the meeting.