Solar United Neighbors welcomes Lauren Barchi as Maryland’s new Program Director

By Zach Schalk on November 13, 2017
Maryland Program Director Lauren Barchi
Maryland Program Director Lauren Barchi

Solar United Neighbors of Maryland is excited to announce that Lauren Barchi is joining our organization as the new Maryland Program Director. Barchi will work to expand access to solar across the state of Maryland, helping to organize solar homeowners and supports to fight for an electric system that is affordable, reliable, and sustainable. As a third generation native of Baltimore City, Barchi’s work will be grounded by deep roots in the community.

“I grew up playing in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay,” she said, describing the roots of her environmental activism. “I want to fight for the right of Marylanders to protect their environment for themselves and their children. Installing rooftop solar is a great way to protect the environment while also creating jobs and lowering your electric bill along the way.”

Prior to joining Solar United Neighbors, Barchi gained experience as an environmental scientist in the public and private sectors. She also gained years of experience as a community activist. As the new Maryland Program Director, Barchi will combine her passion, knowledge, and experience to lead a team working to expand the benefits of solar to all Marylanders.